Official Opening


  • My story, Our stories: Getting to know each other and introducing each other to our education system with regards to history education by Dr Chara MAKRIYIANNI, Coordinator, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Short presentations on each country’s history education aims and policy on the workshop theme by participants in alphabetical order by country, as follows:
  1. Maler HELMUT - Austria
  2. UladzislauBEIZERAU- Belarus
  3. DanijelCUTURIC- Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. MilivojDRETAR- Croatia
  5. Milvi MartinaPIIR- Estonia
  6. MatthiasFECHNER- Germany
  7. GeorgeKOULOURAS- Greece
  8. MarcoMAGGI - Italy
  9. EvelinaBALODE - Latvia
  10. DalinaUBARTAITE VINGIENE -Lithuania
  11. RaymondSPITERI- Malta
  12. DzoanaPERKAJ- Montenegro
  13. MiguelBARROS- Portugal
  14. VesnaKOSTIC- Serbia


Sweet and food exhibition – Let’s taste! PHOTOS

Presentations & Workshops

  • Educational visit to Lefkara Primary and Secondary School: observing lessons and discussing with teachers and students
  • An educational walk at the Lefkara village 
  • Exploring the within-the-walls divided capital of Cyprus (A walk to get to know the neighborhood around the hotel: Ledra Street, the buildings along the Buffer zone, Ledra Palace, the Venetian Walls and the moat, with a stop at the Home for Cooperation) by Marios EPAMINONDAS, Office for European and International Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus

Museum education programme

  • Organised learning experience: an educational programme of the Ministry of Education and Culture by Kleo FLOURENTZOU & Georgia KARAVIOTOU, Museum Education, Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Reflecting on the experience


PESTALOZZI Workshops Reflection  

  • Ways forward : online publication with contributions from participants and trainers
  • Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Closing