11 - 13  October 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus



Introduction, Athena-Michaelidou-Evripidou, Director of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute

Welcome Speech, Egly Pantelakis, Permanent Secretary, Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and Cyprus Liaison Officer for the Pestalozzi Programme

The Pestalozzi Programme, Bojana Golubovic, Pestalozzi Trainer

Organizing the Seminar on Critical Thinking, Pavlina Hadjitheodoulou-Loizidou, Head, In service Training Department, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute

Critical Thinking as a basis for democratic participation, Professor Mary Koutselini, University of Cyprus

Workshop 1: Storytelling and Critical Thinking, Bojana Golubovic, Pestalozzi Trainer



Workshop 2: Promoting Criitical Thinking through argumentation on socio-scientific issues, Andreani Baytelman, Teacher Trainer, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute

Workshop 3: Metacognition and Critical Thinking, Bojana Golubovic, Pestalozzi Trainer

Workshop 4: Critical Thinking: Inquiry, Argumentation, Modeling, Efi Paparistodemou & Christina Stavrou, Teacher Trainers, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute



Lesson Observation Tool

Maths Lesson: Sample and Sampling, Grade 5

Geography Lesson: Industrial Location, Grade 5