The work of the Curriculum Development Unit is:

  • Coordination of procedures for issuance of new curricula
  • The process of writing, editing and updating teaching textbooks and the production of educational material for teachers and students at all levels of education
  • The purchase of teaching textbooks published by publishing organization (O.E.Δ.Β.) in Greece and the process of transporting them from Greece to Cyprus
  • The issuance of stock for the purpose of:

a) The Ministry of Education and Culture (Calendar issued by M.O.E.C.), Annual Report of M.O.E.C., publications for the International Educational Fair, Citizen’s Charter)

b) The Pedagogical Institute (booklets, posters and cover art)

c) Publications of other M.O.E.C. services

  • The responsibility of preparing documents for opening tenders and the procedure that follows (publication, evaluation and awarding of tenders) and the supervision of publication during the process of printing.

To effectively carry out this work, the Curriculum Development Unit works closely with the Ministry of Education and Religion in Greece, the Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, the Agency for Publishing School Textbooks (Ο.Ε.Δ.Β.), the Pedagogical Institute of Greece, the Departments of Education, the Tender Board of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Government Printing Office, private printing presses, the warehouse of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the University of Cyprus, the trade unions of teachers etc.

The Curriculum Development Unit, making use of the potential of technology and aiming at streamlining the procedures for printing books, continued the work of transferring its publications in electronic format.

Moreover, the Curriculum Development Unit in cooperation with the Departments of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education and the Warehouse of the M.O.E.C. has created an electronic database to facilitate ordering textbook electronically. During 2011 the kindergartens were added to the system. Thus, the opportunity for better organizing and timely delivering books to schools was regulated, while easy access to specific data from both related schools and the M.O.E.C. services were kept.


The New Curricula

The Curriculum Development Unit in cooperation with the Committee and the Office for Developing the New Curriculum has been actively involved in the adoption of the new curricula and the production of teaching material in the Education Reform.