The Centre collaborates with various academic institutions and research bodies to promote research and innovation.


Collaboration with the Research Promotion Foundation 

COMPETITIONS «Students in Research - ΜΕΡΑ» and «Technology and Innovation in Education - ΤΕΚΕ»

In collaboration with the Research Promotion Foundation the centre organises the Competitions “Students in Research – MERA” and “Technology and Innovation in Education – TEKE” which makes up one of the four activities included in the Programme “Developing a Research and Innovative Culture” which belongs to the Research Promotion Foundation. The Competitions are launched in collaboration with the Centre for Educational Research and Evaluation from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The circulars and the required forms for participation in the competitions MERA and TEKE are attached herein whereas more information concerned with the competitions can be found on the website of the Research Promotion Foundation (

Collaboration with the University of Cyprus

  • Illiteracy in Primary Education
  • Greek Studies Batteries

Collaboration with the University of Athens

  • Programme in Social and Emotional Education