The EduWeb project, aims to enhance the cooperation between schools and educational institutions across Europe in order to combat the digital exclusion of adults in terms of Internet use by making students, the educators of the digitally illiterate adult members of their families, in safe and creative web.

The partners participating from United Kingdom, which is ranked 6th according to DESI 2016, will bring the good Internet practices that need to be adapted from Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Italy in order to fight their national aim for combating the digital exclusion of their citizens and hence strengthen the EU' s scope to become one of the most dynamic and competitive knowledge economies in the world.

Thus, in order to achieve the above objectives, EduWeb is willing to provide an Educational Portal for hosting publicly available Educational Content for both beginners and advanced Internet users. Additionally, the portal will provide the E-Learning Environment, which will be used for the on-line training of teachers with the necessary Educational Material needed in order to educate the students on safe and creative Internet use. In this context the students from passive Internet users, will become trainers for the elderly members of their families supporting this way the EU 's aim to combat digital exclusion through more effective and innovative teaching and pedagogical methods.

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