The Department of Educational Documentation has as main goal the promotion of the professional development of teachers by providing continuous information on the new trends in the field of education, by publishing books to serve the objectives set in the curriculum and by creating supportive educational material.


To achieve this goal, the Library of the Pedagogical Institute in constantly enriched with new books and scientific journals as well as DVD’s, videos, CD’s and computer programmes. Main areas selected for enriching the library are as follows: teaching methodology and teaching practice, educational training and educational management.


Following an agreement made in 2009, the Library has become a member of the Consortium Library of the University of Cyprus under the Programme ‘New Technologies in the context f Lifelong Learning’. Teachers have, thus, acquired, by agreement, electronic access to a large number of articles published in scientific journals through the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and its website (


The Department of Educational Documentation also publishes books of educational content which can help teachers achieve the goals and objectives of the curriculum as well as be informed of the latest trends in education.